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Nov 22 ,2017 Writen By: Jolly Pharma India

Liver Failure Causes, Symptoms and How to Protect

What are Liver Failure Causes, Symptoms and How to Protect your liver form Hepatotoxin with herbal supplement like jolly red gold liver syrup and capsules.

Liver is one of the most important organs, you cannot live without it. The liver works as hard to keep your cells nourished which can process the medications that fight HIV, detoxify hazardous substances and other infections. It needs to be well nourished and also protected from damage. Unfortunately, all of the environmental toxins and hidden poisons which can encounter and absorb into our bodies, it is very easy for the liver to become toxic itself.


It is very critical to know that how to support this most important of organs in flushing uninvited materials out of the body. Moreover, the liver performs more than 500 different functions on a daily basis. Today’s fast paced lifestyle include as high stress levels, increased junk food consumption, heavy drinking, incessant smoking and self-medication. Liver failure occurs when large parts of the liver become damaged beyond repair and the liver is no longer able to function. Liver failure is a life-threatening condition that demands urgent medical care.


Liver Failure Causes

The most common causes of chronic liver failure include :

  • 1. Malnutrition
  • 2. Long term, excessive alcohol consumption
  • 3. Severe reactions to certain medications
  • 4. Inherited disorders of iron and copper metabolism
  • 5. Fatty liver caused by obesity
  • 6. Chronic infection with hepatitis B virus.
  • 7. Infections from bacteria and parasites usually found in the tropics.


Symptoms of  Liver Failure

The Liver failure may be initially difficult to diagnose. Early symptoms include :

  • 1. Weakness and fatigue
  • 2. Weight loss
  • 3. Nausea
  • 4. Vomiting
  • 5. Yellow discoloration of the skin (jaundice)


Some Herbal Remedies to Protect liver from Hepatotoxin

  1. 1. Amrith or guduchi is yet another herb that Ayurveda considers to have rejuvenating properties and is commonly grown in many kitchen gardens. It is assumed that it has ability to clear toxins from the liver.
  2. 2. Flaxseeds certain receptor sites normally bind hormones and keep them circulating in the blood. This exerts strain on the liver to filter out these excess hormones.
  3. 3. Another way to support the liver is by making sure you get enough dietary fiber. Not only do additional fibers in your diet help to move digested matter through the digestive system and decrease the load of toxin-removal from the liver, but soluble fiber will actually bind to bile acids, made by the liver.
  4. 4. Chicory is also a medicinal herb celebrated for its ability to help cleanse the liver. Ancient Roman, Persian, Arabian, and Indian physicians used chicory leaves and root to aid against a slew of liver ailments including jaundice, gallbladder and liver stones, urinary stones, constipation, indigestion, depression, and headaches.
  5. 5. Peppermint herb stimulates bile flow and relaxes bile ducts, helping to break down fats. It also helps reduce bad cholesterol, which makes the liver’s job of filtering toxins easier. Peppermint also inhibits blockages in the kidney and gallbladder and calms the stomach for optimal digestion.
  6. 6. There are some vegetables contain ingredients that help the liver secrete greater concentrations of important enzymes. In turn, these enzymes help excretion of potential carcinogens from the body such as cabbage, carrot, broccoli, onion and garlic are some vegetables having such an action.


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